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Machine to Make Wafer Biscuit With High Quality

There is a important line can make the wafer biscuits with high quality and large capacity, the machine is wafer biscuit production line.
The wafer biscuit production line main consists of beater, heating oven, cream mixer, cooling machine, cream coating machine, forming and cutter, biscuit grinder and so on. 

Beating machine:
The equipment for pulping system is the production of the first wafer processing equipment. Separate transmission and automatic circulation system are adopted. The rack is made of national standard steel, and the outer shell adopts imported stainless steel plate.
Cream mixer:
The equipment is mixed with sugar, shortening and other materials according to the technological formula.
Material: the frame is national standard steel, the shell adopts imported stainless steel plate, and the cream bucket adopts imported 304 stainless steel plate.
Tunnel type heating oven:
It is the main equipment of automatic wafer machine production line, the performance of the gas oven is particularly outstanding, wafers color consistent. The combustion system of scientific selection, the baking plate of high quality material, the center and the surrounding wafer mold structure reasonable baked the color line. The quality rate is high, the yield is not less than 98%. The wafer is heated evenly, color consistent, so the wafer stripping rate increases, the rate of quality. Small volume. Because the layout is reasonable, the body length of the baking oven only other similar products about 2/3, greatly saves the use of space.
The production line is composed of feeding system, automatic feeding, tunnel oven, feeding machine, cold machine, coating machine, cutting machine, etc., the production line has the advantages of compact structure, reliable performance, small, high yield and low energy consumption, convenient maintenance, simple operation, no pollution etc.
wafer biscuit production line

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